Heads up to all those in the Northeast! The time is NOW!! This weekend will be the weekend to utilize the "frost seeding" technique. This 16,17,&18th  is shaping up to be one of this spring's most optimum dates to spruce up those clover, clover/chicory or alfalfa plots with minimal effort. If you refer back to the blog posts on our website, you will remember us talking about that perfect time when the days are warm and the top layer of soil softens and then with the below freezing temps at night it hardens back up and cracks. 
                                  (Soil cracking due to warm days and freezing nights) 
   The morning just after the night time freeze, while the ground is still hard, get out there and start spreading that seed. If you have existing plots that are weak, or have holes(due to weeds) you would be crazy not to take advantage of this process! We typically spread 5lbs to the acre on already established clover plots and maybe 5-8lbs on weaker plots. 
                  (Heavily browsed clover plot that has been under snow since last Nov.)
      There will,more than likely, be a few more windows of opportunity this year.....but no promises!!!   Get it done if you can!