DO IT NOW !!!!!
  We got out this morning and covered about 10 acres with new clover and chicory seed, to fill in the weak areas and fortify the strong spots.
                     (New clover & chicory filling in the "nooks & crannies" the grass won't!!!) 
Looking at the forecast here in the Northeast it looks like we may have one or two more mornings to get those plots frost seeded!  It's super important for best germination results, that the seed gets spread on the hard, cracked ground so that it can "roll" into those cracks. 
                                  (Early mornings are the "ticket"!)
 You can save yourself so much time,effort, and $  if you can get it done using this method! 
    For those interested or close bye, we will be speaking on "Practical Plotting" (the do's, the don't's & the how to's of food plotting....with balance!)  this Thursday 3/21 down at  Lost Creek Ag in Oakland Mills, Pa.